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Brand:ОАО Челябинский механический завод
Country of manufacture:Russia

The cover for the portal of the caterpillar DEK-251, DEK-321 crane serves for a tension of a boom rope of the DEK-251 crane enters in number of two pieces and plays a role important. On axis three identical mobile blocks on bearings are installed, and covers are put near extreme blocks from two parties. The welded design of the block with a steel stream for the direction of a rope and a landing opening with a diameter of 160 mm has bores on a nave near this opening into which the edge of a cover comes. The cover protects ball bearings of the state standard specification 8338-75 218 type from pollution from the environment (moisture, the soil, dust, etc.). By means of contact of a cover with a nave of the block also so-called labyrinth consolidation when one detail moves concerning another is created, without allowing a lubricant effluence from details or hit in aggressive substances from the external environment. As for the average (central) block, its bearing has no 218 covers, it is protected by rings which also come edge into a nave for creation of the mentioned consolidation.

You can buy goods in any bystry way on the website of the company by means of an application form. A cover at favorable cost we will send the order to any settlement of Russia and the CIS country, on accessories for special equipment the warranty of manufacturer is had.

Brand:ОАО Челябинский механический завод
Country of manufacture:Russia
Type of part:Original
Information is up-to-date: 19.02.2019
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Unbelievable price on Cover in Chelyabinsk (Russia) company Kranzapchast, OOO.
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